3600 Seconds


  1. Team Size

    An ideal team consists of 2-5 people. Unfortunately we cannot accept more than five people in one room, since this will negatively affect the game-sensation. However, if you wish to take the challenge with more than five people, you can rent several rooms and play against each other. Whatever team exits the room first wins!
    In our booking system the games in different rooms always start with a time difference of 30 minutes, but if you want to compete with another team we can harmonize the starts of the games.
    We are also glad to host your company event with up to 50 people per hour.
  2. Arrival & Start

    Due to our tightschedules it is not possible to delay the starts of the games. Therefore, it is very important that you arrive punctually! Since our game master has to explain the instructions first, it would be great if you couldarrive 5-10 minutes in advance. Don’t risk to loose precious time that will help you to exit the room!
  3. Age

    We recommend SMART ROOM for players that are at least 14 years old. People younger than 14 years are only allowed to play if they are accompanied by an adult. There is no age limit to the top, anyone can play!
  4. Safety

    There is a safety mechanism that allows you to open the door from the inside at any point during the game. Furthermore, there is a permanent video surveillance that serves exclusively for communication purposes and will not be saved anywhere. It helps us to stay in contact with you. In case of emergency we will open the door immediately.
  5. Parking Space

    There are a lot of parking spaces in Nöldnerstraße and Türrschmidtstraße.
  6. Clothing

    We recommend comfortable clothing.
  7. Duration of the game

    Including introduction, the game itself (60 minutes) and a discussion at the end, your stay at Smart Room will be approximately 90 minutes.